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Jim Carrey says the old him is gone, meet his replacement



Meet the new Jim…


I think Jim is talking like a realist and I applaud him for not being so scared to have negative emotions because they don’t dominate him, he’s empowered and enlightened and is now far from the shallow pointlessness of stardom, with every interview I see of him you can really tell the interviewer is grasping at straws trying to ask Jim about some faceless subject with little meaning and I say fair play to Jim for not pretending to give a shit for sake of face, he’s on his own path to recovery and everyone is acting like this is the end of Jim Carrey but really it’s the end of our nostalgia, people grow up, even the celebrities that we used to love watching as kids/adults. I’d be more worried if Jim was shackled to the industry forcing out terrible flicks such like Adam Sandler did.

You might remember this recent interview Jim done which we featured on our site. Check it out again below incase you missed it.

Jim has started a conversation around something that is critical for all of us: creating more self awareness and self discovery. The very fact that so many mainstream outlets are covering this from the standpoint of how ‘weird’ his latest statements are shows us how little thought we put into asking big questions in life in the mainstream. Instead we are asked to play into the many distractions and trivial bits of content that don’t challenge us to think deeper, understand who we are, or move beyond suffering — all of which Jim’s latest interviews explore.


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