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Jihadi John’s True Identity Has Been Revealed. This Is Russell Brand’s Response.



”With the real identity of Jihadi John being revealed , we ask, ” If joining ISIS and beheading people is the solution, then what is the problem?”

”Our culture does not work. Consumerism has failed. Capitalism has failed. And the people that govern us do not know how to solve that problem. And until we the people become engaged in politics, society,  mythology and our own cultural narrative in a new and  direct way this problem and all of the problems that we are facing will get worse and worse and worse, we have to do something, we can’t expect them to do anything. They are not going to. So we need to provide an alternative to ISIS , and an alternative to the conditions that created ISIS and until we do all the problems we are facing will continue to be exacerbated.”

~ Russell Brand

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