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Jaden Smith : The School System and Prison System In America Have Far Too Much In Common



JadenSmith, 19, said the education system is “subconsciously” getting students “to have a fixed response to authority and understand what it’s going to be like when you are in prison.”

“There’s a specific time to go outside and play, and there’s a specific time you could come back in,” Smith said, adding the school bells and the long hallways also play a part.

“You’ve already been trained,” he said.

”We’re preparing everybody to go through prison with the schools. There’s too many correlations between public schools and prisons. The fact that you have the long hallways, the fact that you have a fixed responsibility to authority, the fact that there is a specific time to go outside and play, and there’s a specific time you could come back in and the way that your notified by that happening is by the bells.”It’s like know when you’re here you have to listen to me I’m in charge and now I’m going to pass you off to this person who’s in charge when you’re doing this.”

Jaden is starting to come into his own as a man now. And you can see that he might be turning out to be a future politician or activist. Well, he’s already an activist, nonetheless this kid has his mind in the right direction and has the perfect foundation to make some serious changes.

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