It’s been several months since Russell Brand has ended his popular YouTube show the Trews. But he has been hinting at a possible comeback. Here at Educate Inspire Change we are big advocates of Russell’s revolutionary work and have definitely missed his online presence.

Which is why we got excited at seeing a new trailer for his documentary titled Brand: A Second Coming. It is a feature documentary produced, written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner.

The film chronicles Russell’s journey from addict, self-proclaimed narcissist and Hollywood star living in the fast-lane to his current, and unexpected, role as political disruptor & new-found hero to the under-served.

It raises questions about whether or not Brand can rise against the roar of criticism from the very system that built him? It asks if he has the fortitude, resilience and commitment to keep up the fight? Will he find true happiness which has eluded him since childhood?

I for one would welcome a comeback from Russell and I continue to support his message and spread it far and wide across the internet. It’s time for change and anyone who pushes for peaceful activism and change which benefits all of humanity has my full support.

Here is a page dedicated to him which I hope you will follow and support : I Fucking Love Russell Brand

Share and help the spread the message of truth. Let’s get Russell back!




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