In this age of globalization and technological advancement, many people lose sight of the importance of spending time in nature. A great number of us spend staggering amounts of time indoors, especially if one’s occupation requires sitting at a desk. It has been found that those who spend too much of their lives inside often suffer from depression, anxiety, heart disease, poor eye-sight, along with a number of cancers associated with excessive indoor living. Day after day, the stultifying routine of the work-school-gym-home-etc. grind can become hypnotizing, suppressing one’s desire to get outdoors and be active due to a lack of time and motivation.

In their campaign for humans and nature, the minds behind Nature RX have created a couple of very clever pharma-esque commercials to help share the message of getting outside and embracing life’s most natural form of therapy.

“Nowadays everything has a brand and marketing campaign. What about nature?”
— Justin Bogardus, writer/director of Nature Rx

Nature Rx Part 2: Discover your dose of nature.

Share the message and once you’ve done that turn off your phone or laptop and go outside!




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