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Get Ready For The Incredible “Christmas Ring Of Fire” Solar Eclipse



This year finishes with an annular solar eclipse on December 26th and regardless of whether it will be visible wherever you find yourself on that day, you’ll still be effected by the energies of the eclipse.

Visible from Indonesia, parts of Asia, Australia, Europe and Saudi Arabia, weather permitting. The Moon will cover the Sun’s center during this  annular solar eclipse, leaving the outer edge of the Sun visible, creating what’s referred to as a ring of fire.

This annular solar eclipse, happening the day after Christmas, may flood us with some intense energies which could put a damper on things for some but for the most part will be a treat. Such events can be difficult to cope with and those who are sensitive to the different energies may feel drained.

Expect some strong emotions during this solar eclipse, with everything amplified during this time. We’ll not want to miss out on possible opportunities and may consider options we are likely to pass on under normal circumstances. Your focus could be on the people you’re with or even delve into the past.

Astrology Zone has this to say on the energies of the eclipse:

Solar eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bright new opportunities.

Usually, they are exciting, are often very positive, and bring news out of the blue. We always need to see the kind of conversations a moon or the Sun’s having with the other planets to judge if the eclipse is completely friendly or not. Your own natal chart will matter too – I cannot see your natal chart from where I sit, so after you pass the eclipse, write a note on your calendar about what happened.

One can sometimes be caught off guard by the situations created by such events and taking a different direction might be the best option once you’ve worked out what’s staring you in the face, and perhaps discover things about yourself you never knew or acknowledge before.

2019’s final solar eclipse will definitely be spectacular to view for those in its path, if not, try to watch it online

Overall, the cosmic world has been busy and powerful this year and ending with a spectacular event, setting a fantastic mood for 2020. So, best shake out your feathers and enjoy!

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