☢ Fukushima: Beyond Urgent ☢

Take 10 minutes to look at this video and try to make your own mind up as to whether there should be serious cause for concern, and whether an international response to help with the clean-up is needed.
THE VIDEO is a compilation, a brief overview that endeavours to cover the main points concerning this crisis. It briefly covers the 3 core meltdowns, the vulnerable and leaky water storage tanks, radiation health effects, contamination of the Pacific Ocean and marine life, Unit 4 collapse risk and Unit 4 fuel rod removal risk.

As the maker of the video says, the situation is ongoing and deteriorating, and it’s highly likely that it’s actually worse than presented here. This is only a basic outline of some key elements, which a video editor has compiled to try to present in a way that should be easily understood by everyone, particularly those who’ve not been following this crisis.





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