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Find Out Why I Created Educate Inspire Change And Watch My New Podcast Show Introduction Episode



Hey everyone,

This is Kash Khan the founder of EIC. You are likely going to be seeing and reading a lot more from me  as I take the step out from behind my computer and move out in-front of the camera. 2019 has been the most transformative year of my life and I am now focusing a lot of my energy on creating video and audio content with the purpose to educate and inspire. Here below I want to share with you episode 00 of my newly launched podcast show ‘Educate Inspire Change with Kash Khan’

In this episode I touch on what inspired me to first create the page Educate Inspire Change and how both the page and I myself have evolved over the 7 to 8 years since it’s launch in 2012. I hope you enjoy my introductory video and please if you have an iTunes be sure to subscribe to my podcast.

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