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This Family Has Built A $14 Billion Fortune Killing People With An FDA Approved Drug



Oxycontin creators, the Sacklers, are the newest addition to the Forbes 2015 List of Richest US Families. Oxycontin has gone on to make the Sacklers $35 billion in sales since 1995 and was the main source behind the opiate and heroin epidemic which generated $1.5 billion a year. While the Sacklers are only worth $14 billion and are 16th on Forbes list, Oxycontin, which originally claimed to be addiction-proof, is number one among addicts.

The drug Oxycontin has killed more people than heroin and cocaine combined, so this family is literally the biggest drug cartel in the world.

It’s ironic that this family is celebrated for amassing a fortune from selling a drug, which has killed tens of thousands, while good people rot in prison for life for selling a plant that grows naturally and has never killed a single person.

The number of deaths caused by the use of OxyContin dwarfs the number of people killed during the deadly Mexican drug war, while overdose deaths, from prescription pills, have now surpassed that of cocaine and heroin combined.

In an entirely irresponsible and hypocritical move, the FDA just approved a measure to give OxyContin to children!

The fact that some people are freely allowed to market potentially deadly drugs, while others are thrown in a cage for the same activity, seems to highlight that not all people are equal in the eyes of the state or the law.

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