In 1995 a video of an alleged Alien autopsy shook the general public.

That year, a video surfaced showing an alleged autopsy performed on one of the extraterrestrials that were recovered from the Roswell UFO crash in 1947.

The film caused numerous debates, while some questioned its veracity, others defended the footage saying it was the ultimate proof that aliens did rash in Roswell in 1947.

Now, 22 years after the video was published, the truth has finally been found. Apparently.

British producer Spyros Melaris revealed that the famous “Roswell Autopsy” video was filmed in a central London apartment in 1995.

The body of the alien was made by sculptor John Humphreys, an expert in special effects. Furthermore, Melaris claims that the equipment used during the shoot was acquired in stores specialized in antiquities.

The filming was recorded on a 16-millimeter tape and spliced onto a 1947 node that originally featured a baseball game.

But, there is a twist that still casts doubt on the entire “hoax.”

According to Ray Santilli, another man involved in the documentary, the film published in 1995 was a reenactment of a heavily damaged tape, recorded in 1947 by a person who had witnessed the Roswell crash.

Is this a picture of the true autopsy to an alien?

To disprove what Melaris had said, Santilli sent an image to British newspaper Express that show frames of the original ‘damaged’ film.

Speaking about the controversial video, Santilli said:

“To be clear. I was not there in 1947, so I cannot say for sure that it is an alien, but there is an original film.”

“We posted ads in local newspapers on the East Coast, looking for information on anyone who photographed or filmed Elvis in 1954. So we managed to obtain a large collection of material, “explains the television producer.

“That was when a cameraman in Cleveland asked us if we were interested in anything else … At the time we had no clue about Roswell, but he claimed to be someone who worked for the army and told us about the alien autopsy.”

The Roswell UFO crash, fact or fiction?

So what really happened at Roswell?

Did an alien spaceship really crash-land in 1947? Or was everything a massive hoax?

The Roswell UFO incident, which took place on July 2, 1947, is much more than the discovery of the remains of an alleged alien spaceship on a New Mexico ranch.

It is an event enriched by more than half a decade of mystery and speculation about a strange find, which has been blurred over and over again by American security forces and precipitated all sorts of conspiratorial and supernatural theories.

Not helping the cause, the UFO conspiracy was ‘fueled’ from the beginning by the US Army, who kept an absolute secrecy about the Incident, a hidden silence with a vague explanation based on tests with hot air balloons that not a single UFO researcher believed.

Ufologists never remained convinced by this version and, after the strange events during almost seven decades, hundreds of books and investigations appeared, in which new witnesses of the accident appeared continuously.

Supporters of the extraterrestrial hypothesis consider the Roswell case as one of the most important ufological events since it marked the start of the history of modern ufology.

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