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Despite Defeat In September Scotland Can Still Emerge As A Winner – Alex Salmond




”David Cameron is not just a bad loser but also a bad winner” ~ Alex Salmond

As many of you know the Scottish bid for independence was defeated at the polls in September. Many feel a combination of misuse of the media, fear mongering and mis-counting at the polls is what led to the defeat. I recommend you watch ‘ How Scottish Independence Was Stolen‘ to learn more.  The SNP is still in power and has a bigger following than it’s ever had before and is refusing to accept defeat in the fight for independence. With online movements popping up all over the internet and Facebook it seems momentum is still strong with the ‘YES’ movement. Here is a Facebook page worth checking out ‘ YES Scotland Independent Media.

So whats next for the Independence movement? Alex Salmond joins RT for an interview with a number of questions being posed.

Promises of broad powers from London helped to keep Westminster in power, but now that the battle has been won will Westminster and London be true to its word and what will happen if they don’t?



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