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Dad Moves His Family Into This Abandoned School And Does Something Amazing!



Nearly two decades ago a man by the name of Charles Shaw seized an amazing opportunity. He and his wife purchased an old abandoned high school in Durango, Colorado. The building is a huge 45,000 sq feet so the Shaws knew they would have a challenge on their hands. But boy did they rise to the challenge!

With hard work and lots of ingenuity they have managed to successfully transform this once energy hungry building into an energy-efficient haven. The utility bills alone used to be in excess of $5000 per month. They are now cut drastically to just $300 a month. All the electricity now comes from solar panels which feed LED lights which are far more efficient that normal bulbs.

This once abandoned school is now not only home to the Shaws but is also a community where artists and non profits can work out of.

This building to me is a symbol of hope of what can be achieved and I hope it inspires others to do the same.

If you ever want to check it out, it is known as ‘The Smiley Building’ , it has become a bit of a landmark in Durango, Colorado.

Check out the video below where you can learn lots more and hear from Charles Shaw himself, the genius behind the project.

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