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Considering A Pandemic Exit? Explore the Healing Wonders of Paxos, A Virus-Free Island in Greece



As social and cultural norms take on a new face with masks of social distancing, curve drops, and health concerns, many are reconsidering their stance on urban living. We are beginning to see a rise in the expedition for remote locations leading people toward self-sufficiency, clean air and water, and the taste of freedom. On the top of your list should be the discrete and hidden island of Paxos, Greece—one of the few COVID-19-free locations in the world.


Briefing on Paxos History & Mythology

Most of the well-known islands in Greece, like Crete and Mykonos, are found in the Aegean Sea. However, to the East, the Ionian Sea is home to the beautiful strip of Ionian islands featuring Ithaca and the hidden gem of Paxos. Legend has it that Paxos was formed when Poseidon struck the island of Corfu with his trident. In an attempt to escape with his secret lover, Amphitrite, a new island was formed to serve as a refuge for his romantic encounters. 


In the historical context, Paxos’ origins are closely related to Corfu’s due to their proximity. Paxos is believed to have been settled by the Phoenicians before the Byzantine Empire invaded in the 2nd century BC. While Paxo is a natural gem, it’s cultural polishing underwent hundreds of years of exploitation through slavery, pirate invasions, After being under Venetian rule, this island took steps into its own power. In the early 1800s, the people of Paxos participated in the Greek War of Independence. This granted Paxos with Grecian unity and much of their success was rooted in the oil trade that brought its citizens out of difficult financial hardship.


Dive Into Crystal Seas and Vast Landscape Scenes

This dreamy oceanview villa is on the market overlooking the Ionian Sea.


If the god-like mythology isn’t romantic on its own, the turquoise waters and lush vegetation serves as passionate inspiration from sunrise to sunset. While the island itself is small, the surroundings present a vast array of self-proclaimed freedom, making it perfect for nautical exploration, inner-reflection, hiking adventures, and more. It truly is a safe-haven during uncertain times, and these photos are proof.


Tripitos Arch

This grand arch is not a typical spot most people stumble upon due to choppy waves and windy weather. However, for the adventurous and open spirit, this is a prime location for enjoying the most of what Paxos has to offer. The journey in reaching this area rewards the explorer with a peaceful sense of freedom from the inside out.


Kastenida Cliffs

A perfect spot for a home-made picnic to enjoy the sunset with a loved one, Kastenida Cliffs are the stairway to Grecian heaven. 


Aside from clear beaches and open skies, the island of Paxo offers natural wonders to heal the soul. With their thermal springs and rural roads, the energetic vortex is potent on this mystical island. The fresh air will continue to keep you healthy and inspire a new exploration each and every day. 


Sustaining Health, Food Reliability, & Independence

There’s a reason the island of Paxos boasts inhabitants with great health. COVID19 or not, these islanders value well-being as part of their active lifestyle. A morning run along beautiful landscapes met with nutritious meals throughout the day is the norm for many. With luscious shrubs and vegetation, Paxos is rich in food reliability. Famous for their olive shrubs, natives enjoy the nutritious benefits of their distinctively pure olive oil made from the island’s notable lianolia olives.


The independence surrounding Paxos can be felt in the air and in the oceanic waves that are carried by the wind. There is a certain standard when it comes to living life to the fullest in the Ionian Sea. The people of this island set that bar for the rest of us to follow by truly being present, appreciating the little things, and respecting nature.


As I mentioned in a recent article, the new Harris Poll shares, “nearly one-third of Americans are considering moving to less densely populated areas in the wake of the pandemic.” With a total population of just 5,000 people, Paxos is less crowded than most destinations offering healing thermal springs, oceanic-charged ions, and a laid-back outlook. 


If you, among hundreds of thousands of others, are looking for a place to relocate, but aren’t sure where, Paxos is a destination to consider. To learn more about real estate and living opportunities, browse this oceanview villa’s Instagram that is currently on the market. 


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