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Chicago Introduces Resolution to Decriminalize Psychedelic Plants



On Friday, the City of Chicago largest US city to decriminalize psychedelic plants and fungi, following the cities of Denver and Oakland which took similar action earlier this year.

With a unanimous vote (50/0), members of Chicago’s Committee on Health and Human Relations passed “A Resolution supporting Entheogenic Plant practice, declaring that the investigation and arrest of individuals involved with the Adult Use of Entheogenic Plants on the Federal Schedule 1 List be amongst the lowest priority for the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department…”

The Chicago resolution will probably be seen as a major breakthrough to scientists, drug policy reformers and psychedelic and entheogenic plant legalization advocates.  As the home of several major universities including the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, the resolution will possibly reduce barriers to scientific research on these understudied organismal.

Chicago as the largest city in the Midwest region is also central to political, social and economic activity in the region.

The city of Chicago’s resolution allows for plant-based hallucinogenic practices and ends the investigation and imposition of criminal penalties for use and possession of hallucinogens derived from plants or fungi, such as mushrooms, cactus and the iboga plant. While possession of these plants will remain illegal under federal law, the resolution directs local law enforcement to focus their attention elsewhere, as in Denver and Oakland.  Details regarding the sale and use of these plants are still unclear.

The full resolution can be downloaded here in PDF form.

21 October Update: Sources have indicated that the resolution as currently introduced is non-binding.

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