”The world has been rocked by events in Paris, horrific terrorism and brutal murders”

”If you’re interested in working out why things like this are happening,  how these situations are getting worse and why we all feel afraid and under threat watch the trews because we are going to examine it all now”

~ Russell Brand

”So while the condemning is understandable. While the desire for revenge is understandable . It isn’t a solution! We create more and more of these problems  by refusing to look at what causes them. I’m not interested in the governments of the West using this to implement their own ends, using this to justify to taking away more domestic freedoms, to justify more spying, to justify more wars abroad, to justify more suspicion and division among the ordinary people of the world.”

”The only power we have on a personal level is loving tolerance, and a continued suspicion of the media and our politicians who have their own ends.”




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