Bill Maher Shockingly Says Kids Should Take LSD/Psilocybin. This Is Why.


Yes you read the title correct. Bill Maher did advocate the use of psychedelics for children. The audience and his co presenters all gasped in shock when the words came out of his mouth but he quickly pulled it back with  an eloquent and clever oration that points out the blatant hypocrisy in our society’s view of substance abuse.

Check out the video :

The same people that feel endangered by compounds such as LSD and psilocybin turn to drugs like ritalin, abilify, SSRIs, what have you, in order to tackle the hurdles of life under the assumption that these pharmaceutical drugs are perfectly healthy.

In support for his argument, Maher refers to how tech-visionary Steve Jobs attributed much of his inspiration as a young man to his experimentation with LSD. He even makes a direct shout out to the psilocybin studies conducted at the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine. Results from the experiment found that a single dose of the psilocybin compound can have a “long-term positive personality change in most patients. People improved in the areas of sensitivity, imagination, and broad-minded tolerance of others.”