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THE BIGGER THE LIE – Media Bias in the Scottish Independence Referendum



An exclusive look into mainstream media bias and the techniques they use to influence the independence debate.
‘The Bigger The Lie’ focuses on the significant research of Professor John Robertson into media bias during the Scottish Independence Referendum. The film covers Professor Robertson’s meticulous approach to the research and the subsequent suppression by the mainstream media of his findings. Overall, the findings did uncover general evidence of bias and particularly repetition of ‘bad news’. The techniques used such as sequencing of stories, reliance on sources such as the Treasury, OBR and IFS, demonisation of First Minister Alex Salmond and use of ‘experts’ were all more telling. This film might just change the way you look at the BBC’s coverage of Scotland’s most important political event.

Professor Robertson promotes the idea of greater political transparency of those offering media opinion on the debate. As the filmmaker of this work I have never been very political in the past. I am a former Labour and SNP voter who will be deciding on Yes because I believe this is a great opportunity to achieve a more equal, wealthier and, above all, democratic Scottish nation.

Professor Robertson’s Facebook page is here

Director of BBC Scotland Ken MacQuarrie, Head of News and Current Affairs John Boothman, the Head of Commonwealth Games 2014 Bruce Malcolm and the Editor of the Referendum Unit John Mullin giving evidence to the Education and Culture Committee.
The session includes response to Prof Robertson’s research, complaints from the public and some unusual staffing arrangements for coverage of the referendum that included making 35 regular members of staff redundant.…

Being a Scotsman myself I am trying to use my online skills to do what I can to create a honest, fair and prosperous system for us all to live in and be part of.

I have set up a Facebook page  – Scottish Independence Official Page

and a Facebook group –  ‘YES movement

Please support both if you wish to get involved and help. We live in an amazing time where we can harness the power of the web and social media to keep millions informed and motivated so all of your support will be appreciated.


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