Be reconciled to your fate



Be reconciled to your fate


When we talk about fate, we often mean an event that is inevitable. Fate works and there is nothing you can do about it. At least that’s what we think. But we also have an influence on our fate. However, some life events cannot be influenced. When we experience fate, it is a negative experience for most people. But how can you reconcile with your fate?

The negative fateful experience

A negative fateful experience can destroy a person inside. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an accident, death, or act of violence. Parents who lose their children or accidentally separated lovers are just examples of possible fate. Not everyone can cope with such a stroke of fate. 

And many people are embitter inside. They no longer have the courage to live and believe that they are being punished by the universe. Sometimes these people isolate themselves and get lonely. Or they don’t trust anyone anymore. Others avoid all actions that are reminiscent of the fate they experienced. The question of why you need to experience this is always on your mind. But nobody gives you an answer to your questions. Life can then become a torment and a great burden for the person concerned.

Reconcile with fate and understand karma

Do we have to live with what fate has in store for us? We can also reconcile ourselves to fate by learning to understand it. Because fate results from karma that was not resolved but now works. In principle, this karma aspect can no longer be resolved. Perhaps because it is too late for it or because you don’t even know the background to this aspect of karma. Because fate is closely related to karma. And every karma task hides a deeper meaning.

When we understand why we were given this karma task, we can understand the resulting fate. Sometimes we don’t understand what the karma task is. Or we are busy with other things. In some cases we know our life issues, but don’t dare to work on them. Fears can also be responsible for the fact that the karma simply works and is not processed.

Karma is not a punishment

Although we believe that karma is a punishment for past actions, it is not. Rather, it is a lesson to be learned. The karma tasks are about reflection, insight and understanding. Only then can you grow spiritually if you understand your karma. In many cases, we realize what the karma task might be. But if you don’t work on it, you have to expect that the karmic aspect will mutate into a fate.


The driver knows that it is not right to drive drunk. And yet he does it. He also manages to drive the car home several times without an accident. But one day he causes an accident while drunk behind the wheel. A child is dangerously injured.

Now the person has met the fate that has not changed. It was only a matter of time before fate worked. Even if that person knows on the day of the accident that it is wrong to drive the car, they will do it anyway. In that case, the person is too weak to make any other decision.

The karma task in this case is to take responsibility for one’s actions. The driver didn’t do that. He can now despair or get drunk – fate can no longer be changed.

But he makes sure that something like this doesn’t happen again in the future. But to do this he has to reflect that it was wrong how he acted. And he has to understand that he has to take responsibility for himself and those around him.

Forgive and forgive

But fate can also be triggered by other people. In that case, it is important that you forgive that person. Even if this is very difficult for you, it is the way to inner peace. The inner anger, resentment or hatred will only disappear when you can forgive the person. Because these feelings are all associated with negative emotional vibrations. These stay with you as long as you keep them. But with forgiving you give up these feelings. Only in this way are you able to find your inner center again. You may not be able to implement this immediately.

Accept fate

Those who constantly defend themselves against fate will never find inner peace. What happened cannot be undone. Some people therefore live in the past in their thoughts. In her memory of the time when everything was still good.

In doing so, one fails to perceive the present and to live it. For this reason alone, it makes sense to accept fate. But the acceptance also ensures that you have understood the karma task behind it. Some things we cannot understand and sometimes we do not recognize any karma task that is hidden behind them. Even in these cases, it is wise to accept things and believe that there is a deeper meaning.

How can I avoid negative fateful events?

It is best to tackle and work on karma tasks right away. If you are afraid of this, get help. The longer a karmic aspect works, the greater the risk that it will lead to a negative fateful event. Those who are unfamiliar with their karma responsibilities can turn to professional spiritual counselors who can do a karma analysis. Most of the time, the karma tasks are topics that you don’t like to concern with. Suppressed topics could also be included. Resolve existing conflicts and observe your actions critically. In this way you will approach the karma tasks.

The beautiful aspects of karma are not perceived as strongly as the negative ones. When there is a positive aspect of karma, we like to talk about happiness. But we are also rewarded when we work through the karma. It reduces negative fateful events and ensures that you find inner peace. Think about your thoughts and actions so that you do not succumb to such fate.


Writer:  El Maya (Spiritual medium, clairvoyant and karma expert)


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