The purpose of this article is to shed light on some topics that have garnered considerable attention over the years and to show the underlying thread that surprisingly connects them all. 

On November 22nd, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, one of the most beloved and famous US president’s was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. In a murder investigation, the victim’s enemies are often looked at first. With this in mind, it was well known that Kennedy strongly opposed the military-industrial complex, which included The Federal Reserve and the C.I.A. Could this be the “why” JFK was killed? 

In a speech on April 27th, 1961 before the American Newspaper Publishers Association in New York City, Mr. Kennedy openly stated opposition to “secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.”  He then went on to also oppose a “ruthless conspiracy…a highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

Openly criticizing and calling out the Elite, specifically The Federal Reserve and C.I.A., Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 into law on June 4th, 1963, which gave the president the right to issue gold-backed currency, which would entirely bypass The Federal Reserve. But where was Kennedy going to receive such large amounts of gold to back a new Treasury note? Southeast Asia.

Some History On Geopolitical Events

In the 1930’s, a large group of royal Asian families found out that some of their gold and silver holdings in Southeast Asia were being plundered by the Japanese and needed to do something about it. In 1938, the Chinese Kuomintang government sent 7 warships loaded with gold and silver to the US Federal Reserve for safekeeping. In return, the Chinese were given 60 year gold bonds. Six years later in 1944, the well known Bretton Woods Conference took place in which the US, France and Britain were given a 50 year mandate to modernize and transform the world for the better. Backing this new global financial system that had just been set up was a large cache of gold now estimated at over 2 million metric tons of gold, which was held by this group of royal Asian families, which is also known as the Dragon Family.

By August 17th, 1945, President Soekarno of Indonesia had been elected “M1” or Monetary Controller of this large cache of metals and assets, granted under United Nations Resolution MISA 81704, Operation Heavy Freedom. These assets are better known as the Global Collateral Accounts and were originally intended to be used for the modernization of the world through several humanitarian projects. The Dragon Family are the legitimate Depositors of these accounts.

JFK, Sukarno and Lyndon Johnson.

JFK, Sukarno and Lyndon Johnson.

By 1955, it was shown that the International Monetary Fund, which was also created at Bretton Woods, was not making good on it’s word to transform the world in a better way and was instead serving only the interest of the Elite. A growing alliance of several eastern nations began to see that these funds were being used to propagate the “Cold War” and so this alliance of nations decided to strongly oppose the Elite and the Elite’s agenda.

By 1963, this alliance pooled their financial resources together to create the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, which was signed by John F. Kennedy and President Skoearno and was finished on November 14, 1963. This agreement was to utilize the Global Collateral Accounts for global development and humanitarian projects, along with a new U.S. Treasury note backed by gold. Only 8 days later, JFK was assassinated. Coincidence? Not at all. In fact, while in Indonesia with JFK, Lyndon B. Johnson was later revealed to have been the informant feeding intel back to the CIA and the Elite who would then take out JFK and attempt to put an end to the opening of the global collateral accounts.

Soon after Kennedy’s murder, President Soekarno was driven from power by way of a coup. By 1968, the Bush, Kissinger, Rockefeller and other influential families created a fake heir to the rights of the Global Collateral Accounts.

The 9/11 Connection

In 1998, 60 years after the Federal Reserve Board and the Chinese swapped gold for gold bonds, the Chinese requested their gold back. After continual refusal from the Federal Reserve, the Chinese Kuomintang government followed with a lawsuit. The International Court of Justice ruled that the Fed needed to return the gold, which was later agreed upon by the Federal Reserve. The first payment was scheduled to be delivered September 12th, 2001. Remember what happened 1 day before the 12th of September 2001?


Interestingly, on September 10th, 2011, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars went missing from the Pentagon defense budget. Even more unusual, Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, the company that was handling the paper work for the gold to be delivered back to the Chinese, was inside One World Trade Center on floors 101-105. All 658 of their employees were murdered on that day as the towers fell and the gold was not returned to the Chinese.

The Monaco Accords, The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and the BRICS

In August of 2011, representatives from 57 nations came together off the coast of Monaco to create an alliance designed to legally take down the central banking cabal and create a new global financial system using the Global Collateral Accounts for many developmental and humanitarian projects. No Western nations were invited, as most of them are still under control of the banking Elite.

Reports from Neil Keenan, who helped arrange this monumental meeting and has been entrusted with protecting and restoring the legal rights back to the Dragon Family and settling the Global Collateral Accounts for the benefit of humanity, has stated that this Monaco meeting alliance is being spearheaded by the BRICS nations, which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


Count Albert and Neil Keenan

Neil also filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York on November 23, 2011 for over a trillion dollars against the United Nations, the Office of International Treasury Control, Silvio Berlusconi, Ban Ki-Moon, the World Economic Forum and many others. Below is the screenshot image of the lawsuit on, which was taken to prove that this lawsuit did actually exist.


From Take a look at the defendants.

Since that time, Neil has withdrawn the suit because Barack Obama’s economic advisor’s brother became the judge, which was very unusual because he previously had never been a judge before. However, Neil will refile in an even more effective jurisdiction and plans to do this in the very near future. This new lawsuit will be bigger and will expose the European Union, the Federal Reserve and all the parties mentioned above, plus much more.

Neil Keenan has also filed liens and a Cease and Desist order against all twelve central banks in the U.S. and a Cease and Desist order on behalf of the Dragon Family against names like Queen Elizabeth II, Hilary Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush, David Rockefeller and several other well known names. You can look at the official Cease and Desist here.

Is The Planet About to Be Set Free? 

Is this massive alliance about to make it’s move on the banking and political Elite? Is Neil Keenan and his team about to finish what JFK, President Sukarno and many others were trying to accomplish? Will the 9/11 connection to the Global Collateral Accounts finally come to light? To these questions, Neil Keenan has a statement for the world:

“JFK, Soekarno, 9-11 and everything surrounding it all boils down to one and the same groups or organizations etc., that being what is known as the Cabal or NWO. Look no further than Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, and on a lesser scale Bush’s, Netanyahu’s …etc. We must always remember that according to these people we the “goyim” are the enemy and furthermore we must understand not only are they Khazars (read Khazars and their empire) but Satanists and clearly want us all dead.

We are on the road to the accounts.  The litter has been tossed into the garbage where it belongs and upon completing this road the accounts will be open.  The big question, even one from the Dragon Family is… will I be able to move the notes and the answer is YES! We will be able to complete this impossible task and release the funds as initially planned for humanitarian purposes.  I need a little more time to get to where we must be but we will be there and when so, the Cabal is finished.” 

-Neil Keenan

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