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Did Back To The Future predict 9/11 ? Chilling Film Shows That It Did!



Back To The Future apparently predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

That’s according to one fan, who is so convinced by his theory that he has uploaded a mini documentary on YouTube, which he claims will expose all.

In the 13-minute footage, barelyHuman11 starts by drawing attention to the terrorist attacks that happened in the original film – which infamously saw Doc Brown killed by Libyan gunmen .

“During this scene at the Twin Pines Mall, we bare witness to a surprise terrorist attack perpetrated by group of Muslim terrorists,” he says.

“The Twin Pines is a direct reference to the Twin Towers. When we turn the clocks in this scene upside down, the digits actually read 9-11 or 9/11.”

He then points out that at the start of this scene, both pines are present on the shopping mall logo.

But after the attack has taken place, just a single pine can be seen.

BarelyHuman11 also goes on to suggest that the Twin Towers can actually be seen collapsing in Back To The Future part II.

He stressed: “This is the most literal depiction ever made showing the Twin Towers falling down.”

Do you think the film buff has a point or is he reading too much into his favourite movie?

Check out his documentary to hear his argument in full and decide for yourself.

Although the video isn’t entirely sincere, it’s also not a parody or joke. (This sort of middle ground was not accounted for by Poe!) The guys behind the video do not actually think Robert Zemeckis predicted the Sept.11, 2001, attacks, as they explain in an opening slide. But they do believe that 9/11 and “Back to the Future” — and everything in the universe, really — are connected by a vast Web of unseen, mystical, esoteric ties.

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