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Award-Winning Short Film ‘The School Bag’ – The Mainstream Media Want Us To Forget This



In a small town of Peshawar, Pakistan, Farooq has a simple demand of a new school bag on his birthday. But his mother, inspite of her love and affection seems to be unfazed by her child’s plea.

Unknown to Farooq, there is something waiting for him.

Watch the film below:


I remember when this terrible attack happened and thinking about the families of all those children who sadly passed away. I remember noticing how the Mainstream media and Social Media paid much more attention to terror attacks that happened all across Europe where the victims were mostly if not all adults and fewer in numbers. I remember feeling a deep sadness because I knew that these children deaths would not be held long in the memories of most people in the western world.

That is why I am sharing this video , because now more than ever we need to remember that the victims of terrorists have been by the vast majority in Asia and the Middle-East. There is so much hatred for Muslims at the moment especially in countries like France, U.K and The U.S.A that we must remember Muslims are the biggest victims in the recent past. Millions upon millions of Muslims have been killed around the world from Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Palestine to name just a few of the countries.

At times like this the world needs more love not more hate. All cultures and religions need to unite in the face of adversity. Anything less feeds right into the hands of the terrorists.

Defeating terrorism is not a short term possibility. It is a long term one, and the only we can do it is by not being violent or aggressive, the big countries in the West must change their foreign policies drastically and focus their spending on Education and Health instead of ‘Defense’ (War). Then we must spread education and love across the rest of the world because they are in much need of it.

Thanks for watching the video and for reading.

Kasim Khan – Team EiC

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If you wish to watch more about this very upsetting terror attack then scroll down to watch a heartbreaking documentary.

The video below is heartbreaking documentary on the Peshawar Attacks. Parts of this video of course will be very distressing to watch.

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