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Archaeologists find 20 sealed ancient coffins In Egypt



Archaeologists discovered more than 20 sealed ancient coffins in Al-Assasif, a necropolis on the west bank of the Nile River.

The coffins, with carved faces and hands intact and their colourful decorations still visible, where described by the Antiquities Ministry as “one of the largest and most important” in recent years. More details will be released at a news conference on Saturday.

The coffins were found in one tomb, stacked in two layers, with the top layer across those below.

Most of the tombs at Al-Assif, close to the Valley of the Kings, are from the Late Period (664-332BC) of ancient Egypt.

Tombs from the earlier 18th Dynasty (1550-1292BC), the first of the New Kingdom which included the pharaohs Ahmose, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Amenhotep III, Akhenaton and Tutankhamun, are also in the area.

Just last week, the Antiquities Ministry announced the discovery of an ancient industrial area in Luxor’s West Valley, where archaeologists found 30 workshops for the manufacturing and processing of funeral furniture for the tombs of kings in the Valley of the Kings. Tools, silver rings and gold foils as well as a kiln for producing pottery and metal objects were also found.

Since December 2017, archaeological operations has been on-going in the Valley of the Kings, according to the Ministry. The plan is to search for the tombs of Queen Nefertiti and her daughter, widow of King Tutankhamen. Researchers are also searching for the burial sites of the pharaohs Ramses VIII, King Thutmose II and King Amenhotep as well as the tombs of queens in the Valley of the Queens.

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