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Anonymous Man Sends $50,000 Worth Of Relief As Hurricane Dorian Devastates The Bahamas



helping victims of Hurricane Dorian

Altruism comes in many avatars and the genuine benefactor prefers to remain anonymous and unsung. Like Santa Claus, he comes in unheralded. A shopper preferred the cloak of anonymity as he went on a buying spree for generators and picked up 100 generators that should set him back by around $45,000. They were meant for victims of the Hurricane Dorian that struck the Bahamas a few days ago.

Alec Sprague was in Jacksonville, Florida shopping for a generator at a Costco store when he came across this fellow shopper who was picking up the 100 generators. Alex took a picture of the man even as in addition to the 45 generators, he also picked up food and other essential utilities including food packets that he planned to send to the island.

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The anonymous man told reporters that it is important to stand by one another than sympathize from the sidelines. Somebody has to stand by the devastated. The consignment will be sent by boat to Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas through the Errol Thurston Bahamas Hurricane Relief Fund. The fund has collected more than a fifth of its $500,000 target.

Though the benefactor preferred to remain anonymous, Sprague shot an inconspicuous picture of the anonymous shopper as he stood at the store and also shared images of the goods that he had purchased on Facebook. Within a day the post was shared over 34,000 times.

Sprague was overwhelmed at his gesture and could only manage to effusively thank him and shake his hands. This man renewed his faith in mankind.

The consignment will be taken by road to Florida. There the man’s friend in the Bahamas will take charge and transport them by boat to the island.

Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Friday as a category 5 hurricane with winds up to 185 mph with gusts even exceeding 225 mph. It took more than 20 lives and devastated the island for 2 days. The death toll is expected to rise.

Every natural disaster abounds with stories of individual help which has always brought immediate relief much before government aid could reach them. The things that the anonymous man sent are just the things that people in disaster zones need the most. Hurricane Dorian may have devastated the Bahamas, but its people will rise again, thanks to the efforts of such faceless people who are just driven by an urge to do some good.

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