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Woman Shares Her Crazily Eventful And Spicy Life Story On ‘Humans Of New York’ And It Goes Viral



New York City, perhaps the biggest melting pot of people and cultures in the world.  Humans of New York photographer’s posts of people and their stories some of which regularly go viral. One such story from a former stripper has everyone abuzz, asking for more and after three features, they still want more…

An older black woman, dressed to impress, tells how, as a teenager, she was kicked out of home and arrested. Her story soon gets a bit wild when she describes how through her costume design skills , she got jobs dressing adult entertainers and made friends in New York’s drag scene, likely during the time when ball culture was flourishing. New York’s Black and Latino communities created their own, bolder and more dramatic branch of the white-dominated drag, and the 1969 Stonewall Riots emboldened the gay club scene.

Please read with discretion, as the original quotes from Tanqueray contain a slur used to refer to transgender women, descriptions R rated acts

The story so enthralled HONY followers, he had to post another installment of her tales. Tanqueray, her stripper name in her glory days, could fill a book with hilarious and sometimes sordid stories about the shows she and fellow dancers put on. According to Tanqueray, the Mafia stronghold over clubs where she performed was thriving in the 70s, contrary to popular belief.

HONY’s photographer buckled under the demand for more and posted a third paragraph of her even more scandalous tale, all about mobsters, strip clubs and even implicating an unnamed US president. She says she can’t print everything she knows since she “can’t afford the lawyers”.

Tanqueray will likely pass on the book deal followers are asking for, more’s the shame. It would definitely be a fascinating story of New York’s legendary clubs and glamour in the 70s.

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