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People Have Started Gathering Near The Area 51 Site As Per The Date Of The Viral Post



area 51

The build-up was quite intense. Many people rejected it as a ‘troll’ attempt, many people laughed at it. But there were many who took it seriously. 2019 could be said to be the Year of the Area 51 Raid. September was decided as the month when this raid would take place. Well, we are in September. 75 people have gathered at the gate to the Area 51 military base in Nevada already. It was at just the time that the internet hoaxster mentioned the raid to take place. They planned to storm this secret facility. Two among them had been detained.

The hype about Area 51 has resulted in several festivals being set up in Hiko and Rachel, nearby Nevada towns. Kerry Lee, the sheriff of Lincoln county has estimated that around 1,500 people came for the festivals and over 150 people made a trip down towards the gate to get a selfie. This was on Thursday. It is unclear whether a man urinating nearby and a woman ducking under the gate was arrested or not.

area 51

Image Credit: Jim Urquhart/Reuters

In June, an Internet post went viral calling people to storm Area 51 and find out if the UFO conspiracy theories surrounding that area were true or not. Area 51 is noted to be a US Air Force test site. But the post said if they all went together, they can’t be stopped from witnessing the extra-terrestrials.

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Once the post went viral, the military delivered a stern warning that lethal action will be taken against people trying to enter the Nevada Test and Training Range. Even local and state officials were given the directive to arrest anyone who wished to breach this area. The sheriff mentioned that the public is allowed up to the gate but no one is allowed beyond that boundary.

On Thursday, Wily Savage, a music band, made a stage near the Little A’Le’Inn located in Rachel. They started playing for the campers who stayed there even though the temperature dropped to around 45-degree Fahrenheit. The music started the weekend event that the internet hoax inspired.

There has not been any major incident reported so far.

Alon Burton, the guitarist of Wily Savage mentioned that though the post was a joke, there can be a lot of people who want to gather and breach the site. A sociologist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has mentioned that the event is a great blend of conspiracy theory, aliens, and supernatural – it will make people curious. Plus, since Area 51 is a restricted area, it makes normal citizens more curious. He believes that this mixture of fear and the hope to see something encourage events to take place including Area 51 Basecamp and such festivals.

area 51

Image Credit: Bridget Bennett/AFP/Getty Images

The Lincoln country emergency manager is looking after the preparations and believes that they could handle 30,000 visitors in Hiko and Rachel. However, there were millions who reacted to the post. So, the townspeople are a bit afraid of how many people might turn up in the end.

The temperature in these areas goes really cold. According to a resident of Rachel, people should not come in their shorts or common flip-flops. Not only was the temperature a problem, but there were snakes and critters too.

Chances are that if they do not find what they came for, they will be disappointed and angry.

Hopefully, the music will keep their spirit lifted up!

Feature Image Credit: Bridget Bennett/AFP/Getty Images

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