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Las Vegas Is Allowing Parking Tickets To Be Paid Off In School Supply Donations



For once, “what happens in Vegas should reach the rest of the world”.

Ever gotten a parking ticket? I’m sure you have and I can vouch for the frustration behind having to pay it. I mean, that’s money being allocated to something I could have avoided.

The city of Las Vegas came up with an ingenious idea – a month long plan has been approved where offenders can pay off their tickets by rather donating school supplies until the 19th of July.

According to a press release from the city council for tickets issued between June 16 and July 19. The average parking ticket in Las Vegas will run people around $50.

The agreement stands that one can donate new, unopened stationery / school supplies of equal or greater value of the ticket to the Parking Services Office. These items will be donated to the Teachers Exchange, an NPO with operates in conjunction with the Public Education Foundation.

I believe this initiative will encourage many to seek out better solutions in cities where traffic offenses are rife. It’s also unwise to avoid paying those tickets as they lead to summons, increased fines and possible license suspension. Something none of us would want.

Knowing where your money is going is also making this a lot easier I’d say, I mean, we’re giving our money to those who truly need our help.

My own daughters go to a school where teachers have reportedly bought stationery for children who come from impoverished backgrounds.

The city is accepting pencils, pens, erasers, dry erase markers, index cards, copy paper, paper towels, storage bins, disinfecting wipes, rulers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, and sticky notes. Supplies almost every elementary and up school would require.

The donations need to be made within 30 days of infraction and the offense must be considered a “non-public safety violation,” as the release states.

This is also not the first time the city of Las Vegas has come up with such a great initiative. This all started in 2016 and it’s a pretty inspiring idea considering fines rake in millions of dollars a year.

So if you happen to be driving through Las Vegas any time soon or maybe you live there full time and pick up a fine along the way – go shop for some school supplies because the teachers of America will truly thank you for it.

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