UK Author and journalist Graham Hancock who specialises in ancient civilisations has once again brought forth his energy force that nobody can deny has wowed readers worldwide.

Hancock claims that humans have existed more than 100,000 years prior to ‘North American History’ claims. This means those years are completely unstudied, unknown and potentially change everything.

In an interview with Afshin Rattansi, presenter on Going Underground, Hancock speaks about his latest book, America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization, in which he discusses dogmatism in archaeology and how it managed to cover up 130,000 years of thought to be lost human history in the Americas, with evidence of advanced civilizations living in American 1000’s of years ago.

This inevitably challenges colonial narratives, which state that uncivilized natives were incapable of a high culture.

Graham has made it clear that his life’s work is to prove where humans came from and how they came to be what we know today.

He aims to explore and find answers to who we really are, with evidence dating back to the great Ice Age and potentially even before that. While discussing the potential of a comet hitting the Earth, providing quite a compelling hypothesis to match.

Calling the comet the ‘Hidden Hand’ of human existence.

He discusses the conspiracy where Anglo-Saxons attempted to eradicate Native Americans and when that failed, they tried to sully their culture in order to destroy them.

As sad as it may be, possibly the only positive hint of hope in the Amazons being cut down is the discoveries of ancient cultures, more than we ever thought existed. With many still out there, some that we’re unaware of.

See his interviews below, where he digs deep, penetrating what you thought was the truth, leaving you craving more.

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