00us_government_war_lies_iraq_afghanistan_libya_syria_iranSomething I have grown very accustomed to over the years is that when all of the different mainstream media outlets are pushing the same news then you can be very safe to assume most of it is lies with a hidden agenda behind it.

It is up to us to keep ourselves informed and do the research ourselves. When you buy a car or a house you would not simply buy the first car that the salesman tries to sell you so please don’t buy what the media is trying to push up your noses.

This is one of the reasons I set up Educate Inspire Change.I am passionate about the truth but I realize that the only way to get there is to encourage YOU to do your own research. I can only do my best to bring the information to you. It’s up to you what you do with it.

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Journalist Who Went To Syria Schools Colleague On Syrian Realities




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