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Couple Buys Waitress a Car After Learning She Walks 14 Miles for Work Every Day



It’s the season to be jolly, spend some lolly and spread some cheer. This past holiday weekend set the scene with thousands of Americans crossing the country to be with family for Thanksgiving and, of course, save some lolly on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. A Texas couple started their week spreading some early Christmas cheer, leaving a local waitress speechless.

Adrianna Edwards works as a waitress at a Denny’s restaurant in Galveston, Texas.  Adrianna walks fourteen miles to work back home again for each shifts she works, the round trip takes her over four hours daily.

“I have bills to pay,” she explained“I’ve got to eat. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

A couple Adrianna was service was enjoying their breakfast on Tuesday morning and heard Adrianna’s story of her long daily commute and that she’s saving to buy herself a car. It seems the extra ice cream Adrianna served the woman that morning spread some special cheer.

The couple, after leaving the restaurant, went straight to nearby Classic Galveston Auto Group on Broadway Street where they purchased a car and just hours after leaving Denny’s, they returned with the keys to surprise Adrianna with a 2011 Nissan Sentra along with a note:

“I gave her a note that said, ‘I know its Thanksgiving, but I said, ‘Merry Christmas,’ and that, hopefully, someday she’ll just pay it forward.”

She added that Edwards “teared up, which made me happy that she was so moved by that.”

Adrianna will now be able to start college earlier than she had planned, not to mention the time she’ll save on her daily commute to work!

“I still feel like I’m dreaming. Every two hours, I come look out my window and see if there’s still a car there.

When I see somebody in need, I’ll probably be more likely to help them out (and) to do everything that I can to help them out.”

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