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9 Photos Of School Lunches From Around The World



When you think about the lunches you had at school, you may remember tater tots, pizza and those strange “mystery meat” specials.

The average US student meal, a very obvious reason as to why so many young people are obese and unhealthy.

In 2011, 1000 sixth graders from Southeastern Michigan were involved in a study which sadly proved that students who ate lunch from school rather than bringing their meals from home were 29% more likely to become obese. Fat and sodium in almost 2 thirds of American schools are still higher than recommended.

Check out this photo series which compares what children in Brazil, Asia, Europe and other countries around the world typically eat for school lunch.


Rice with black beans, baked plantains, healthy seed loaf, pork and vegetables


Beet salad, soup, bread, desert pancakes with fresh berries


Steak, green beans, carrots, cheese and fresh fruit


Greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds, baked chicken on orzo, fresh oranges, cucumber salad and grape leaves with stuffing.


Fish on arugula, caprese salad, grapes, pasta and a baguette.


Tofu on rice, kimchi, fish soup and vegetables


Fresh peppers and vegetables, a slice of orange, shrimp with brown rice and Gazpacho (cold soup) with bread.


Beet soup, mash and sausages, cabbage, syrniki (desert pancakes)


And finally, USA. Peas, fruit, some smashed potato and fried chicken nuggets and to end it off, a big chocolate chip cookie.

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