This hilarious video portrays the mating rituals of human younglings, narrated by Viva La Dirt League’s convincing David Attenborough sound-alike. To get a feel for how similar it is to the Planet Earth style of nature documentary, lets begin with how the parody starts:

Thirty minutes north of Auckland lies an area known as Riverhead forest. Here, three females have traveled to a mating ground known as a “night club”. These females have engaged in an act found only in the humankind – Clubbing.

They’ve caught the attention of three males, whom, are ready to mate. The males approach in the most seductive way they know how and with that the mating ritual begins. It’s truly a wondrous sight.

Clubbing in the Wild is a first ever look at humans in their natural habitat…the club. Brought to you by Viva La Dirt League (VLDL), a gaming comedy troupe based in Auckland, New Zealand. They are a group of professional YouTubers who create various comedy skits about video games.

Their most popular videos are known for making fun of the game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Thanks to the success of these videos, they were able to transition them from an amateur garage operation to creating content as their full-time career. They’ve done so well that they have almost 1 million subscribers to their YouTube channel.

And here it is…prepare yourself to be educated on the ways of the human species:

How unfortunate for the males. Their advances were completely rebuffed due to a nervously immature execution of the process.

“Egged on by the others, the youngest of the males makes the first move. Young and hopeful, he moves in to strike, however youth and inexperience play against the youngling. He attempts to connect with them from afar, relying on making eye contact. He gets nothing back. The youngling is frightened and out of his element. He retreats back to the other males.”

Better luck next time!

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