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A blind person admits to being racist but her reasons might not be what you expect



CUT is a media news company that posts social videos regularly on YouTube and Facebook. In one of their series they decided to ask blind people if they are racist.

The answers are mostly rational, honest, and humble.

However one person admitted to being racist and gave her reasons for saying so.

Take a look for yourself at the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments:

For me personally I think all bar one of the blind people asked gave answers I can understand and appreciate but the young woman at the beginning who openly says ”I am racist” didn’t quite resonate with me.

Here main reason for being racist is in her own words ”because I think every white person is racist.”

She also feels that because she benefits from capitalism and that it was founded on slavery makes her racist.

I just don’t get it myself but I would love to hear your thoughts?

Thanks for watching and reading.

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