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80-Year-Old Grandfather Slays ‘Ageism’ With Runway Debut In China



“It’s about your state of mind. It’s not about age. Nature determines age, but you determine your state of mind,” says the activist.

Ageism – which can be described as a form of discrimination and prejudice against elders or the aging process – is a very real concern in today’s world. Whereas some cultures, such as the Abkhazians and Vilcambabans respect longevity (to the point at which some elders will lie about their age to seem older), modern-day culture promotes the idea that looking youthful is essential to be considered beautiful and for success to be achieved. This is why billions of dollars are spent on attempts to reverse the aging process, with methods including botox, plastic surgery, and expensive creams and ‘potions’.

Fortunately, one confident and charismatic grandpa is helping to crush ageism one step at a time. Literally. During China’s Fashion Week, 80-year-old Wang Deshun made his first appearance on a podium as a model. According to Huff Post, the activist and artist quickly gained national attention due to his fit body and confidence. It wasn’t long before people started calling him “China’s hottest grandpa.”

Commenting on the attention his runway debut received, Wang said:

“It’s about your state of mind. It’s not about age. Nature determines age, but you determine your state of mind.” 

In the video below, Wang also highlights the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Reportedly, he works out for about three hours a day.

Wang is crushing ‘ageism’ one step at a time.



“It’s about your state of mind. It’s not about age,” says Wang.


Watch the video to learn more about how Wang stays fit and healthy:

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