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72-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby Boy 




A history-making birth has occurred in Punjab, in Northern India. With the assistance of the marvels of modern science, a couple has become one of the oldest pair of people to have a baby. It had been their lifelong dream to have a child, but with no avail, until a couple of years ago when they decided to try one last time, but with the help of doctors.

All of their friends and family had urged them to adopt. They never did. They insisted on giving birth and raising the child. For many years, Daljinder was very unhappy. This was something she wanted more than anything in the world. When she finally became pregnant (only after both her and her husband were in retirement) it was like a miracle.

Throughout their entire marriage, (more than 50 years) the woman, Daljinder Kaur, and her husband, Mohinder Singh Kaur, tried to conceive but were unfortunately barren. Then, like a twist of fate, their luck changed. Daljinder gave birth at the astounding age of 72 years old, making her the oldest first-time mother ever. The father was 80 years old at the time.


It is possible for women to get pregnant with medical intervention, even after menopause, but extremely difficult. They didn’t care about the odds, they were going to try at all costs possible. To make it happen, the couple embarked on a journey involving examinations, tests, many doctor visits with multiple doctors (nobody wanted to take on such an old patient) and three rounds of IVF treatments spread over two years.

She was a very special case because, normally, many younger women require an average of three rounds of IVF treatments to finally get pregnant; but she was not a younger woman. Yet, she delivered the baby boy named Armaan on April 19, 2016. When Armaan was born he weighed 4.4 lbs and was in perfectly good health. Daljinder was even able to breastfeed the baby boy for several months.

Daljinder now says that she feels like her life is complete and that she is full of energy to take care of the child. She said, “I do most of the work but his father contributes in whatever way he can. So, we collectively have taken the responsibility of raising our child in whatever way we can.”

They are so excited about the boy that they decided not to get the help of nannies as they want to raise the child completely themselves, every second of every day. Daljinder even takes care of all the housework and cleaning herself, happily doing the chores while holding him in her arms.

The couple see their son as a blessing from God and pray for his health and happiness every single day. To celebrate Armaan’s first birthday, they took him to the Golden Temple in Amritsar and praised his existence.

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