Presenting the 5 darkest Starbucks secrets including the secret mystery behind the pumpkin spice latte, attempts to steal trademarks from African farmers, the secret behind Starbucks’s mysterious logo, unusual amounts of pesticides found in teas, and de-branded Starbucks trying to pass as independent coffee shops. Starbucks isn’t as healthy as they would like you to believe. One example from this unhealthy retail is the Teas from Teavana , a retailer Starbucks bought for 260 million dollars. The tea  contains pesticides that violate U.S. food pesticide standards.

One of their darkest secrets is not mentioned in this video but Starbucks or ”Bucks for the Star” (Star of David) is heavily linked to funding the state of Israel, which we all know is under international law ”occupying” Palestine and committing war crimes.

You wont ever look at Starbucks the same way again after you watch the 5 Darkest Starbucks Secrets.



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