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5 ancient civilizations that DISAPPEARED under mysterious circumstances



Until this day, the scientific community still wonders what happened to a great number of ancient civilizations that inhabited our planet, thousands of years ago, but disappeared under mysterious circumstances and for no apparent reason.

The ancient Maya. With a staggering 13 million inhabitants, it is one of the most important cultures that have ever lived in America.

However, barely 200 years after their apogee, they began to disappear.

Although they were great scientists, it is speculated that they never managed to extract water from the earth’s subsoil and a terrible drought drew them to extinction.

The ancient culture of Easter Island. Until the year 1100 BC, this island of the South Pacific was inhabited by a mysterious civilization.

As a legacy, its inhabitants left behind the famous giant heads that today are an icon of the island.

Nobody has managed to explain how such an ancient culture managed to develop such architectural work, or how it disappeared from one day to the next.

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The ancient Minoan Civilization. It is one of the first civilizations of the Bronze Age, who called the island of Crete, in Greece their homeland.

Their expertise for trade earned them formidable incomes, with which they built great cities and imposing buildings.

It is speculated that this ancient civilization may have disappeared due to a volcanic eruption.

The Anasazi. One of my favorite ancient cultures of America.

Although the Anasazi did not disappear entirely, it is true that this culture of Native Americans mysteriously vanished from their place of origin, in the current region of Four Corners, United States.

There, they left imposing ruins and gigantically formidable architectural constructions made of stone. Scientists believe this ancient culture started to crumble after internal conflicts.

The ancient Empire of Aksum: they were the culture that dominated the north of Ethiopia during more than 800 years and, according to the legend, Aksum, capital of the empire, housed the Ark of the Covenant also known as the Ark of the Testimony.

According to the mythological story, a Jewish queen would have destroyed this civilization and all its legacy.

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