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In 2014 Fox News Attacked Russell Brand A Lot – This Is His Response



So if you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past year or so you will have seen the rapid growth of Russell Brand’s ‘TREWS’ ( True News) YouTube channel. Over the months much of his content has been centred around the ‘Fox Wars’. It has helped to propel The Trews into the limelight and given it mainstream media attention.

Million of people around the world are now aware of Russell Brand and possibly more importantly aware of how biased and untrustworthy the Fox News corporation is.

The video below contains a Thank You message from Russell to everyone at Fox News. Let’s make sure they hear it.

”Fox News gave us a christmas present. They gave us the present of their hatred, their bigotry, their prejudice, their stupidity, truly they were abundantly generous to us. They helped us to create an online news platform, The Trews, for yous Trewsers.” ~ Russell Brand

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