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12 NYPD Police Officers Admit They’re Pressured To Target Minorities



In light of recent events I figured this was a good time as any to re-share this old clip.

“Good cops are called Rats” says one of the officers. These brave 12 whistle-blowers confess on television that there are Quotas to meet and the police actively target poor & minority communities.

Check out the shocking video for yourself below:

Those words towards the end of the video sent chills down my spine. ” The police department is a Mafia, it’s a big organised Mafia”

All I can say is a big thank you to these 12 brave officers who have basically put their jobs on the line to speak up against the injustice that is riddled throughout the police force in America.

Please don’t let their words be spoken in vain and share this article far and wide with everyone you know.

Thank you.

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