Going from history has voting a different a political party into power ever brought about any real change?

The simple answer is no.

The only way change has been brought about is when the people organise and collectivise and rise up against the establishment, as can be seen in the 10 examples shown in this video:

10 : The Alexanderplatz demonstration, East Germany, 1989

9 : Stonewall Riots, USA, 1969

8: The Storming of Bastille, France, 1789

7: The People Power Revolutions, Philipines. 1986

6: The Tahrir Square Protests, Egypt, 2011

5: Soweto Uprising, South Africa, 1976

4: Muharram Protests, Iran, 1978

3: March On Washington, USA, 1963

2: Salt Satyagraha, India, 1930

1: The Boston Tea Party, USA, 1773




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