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A Healers Timely and Humble Message for Humanity

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We are in unimaginable times as humanity begins to awaken to the illusion of separation and create new ways to experience reality. While change isn’t always a smooth transition, it always leads toward new insights and perspectives. This shift requires us to stand together and unite in freedom. In this episode, Kash interviews Mitra P, a healer, and author who has recently released his first book, Insights. Throughout their conversation, Mitra shares his healing journey as well as insights toward healing for all.


“I was writing in a time of a crisis,” Mitra says as he begins to share the inspiration behind writing the book. “I was writing for myself to get a reflection of truth… because in that specific time there was a lot of deception around me,” he continues as Insights being a product of the quarantine pandemic. “I said ok, I will sit and I will write. When I need, I will look at what I wrote,” Mitra finishes by seeing the book as a form of meditation. 


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Heal the Self In Order to Help Others


Mitra begins by sharing his healing journey, which started about 26 years ago while traveling in India. He was exposed to a new culture that was different from his origins in Isreal, which led to extreme changes in his personality and self-identity. As these changes occurred internally, the external world reflected this back to him. 


“Something else started to knock on the door more substantially. It was the spirit of creation, but I was still puzzled with what was happening,” Mitra shares. He decided to return to Isreal, where his friend led him to a wise man who encouraged him to pursue this healing path to help others. 


After studying Chinese medicine, he understood why his life unfolded the way it did. In a sense, Mitra felt he already knew this information from deep within. He was reminded about it through his studies and community.


“There is a strong meeting point between healing, meditation, and the essence of who we are,” Mitra reflects as he shares how the essence of who are can help heal others. This also roots back to the necessity of doing our inner work to then share with others.


“The more the healer can go deeper into his own story and discover, the deeper the healer can heal the other. It’s like a mirror,” Mitra shares.


Unearthing the Essence Within


The conversation unfolds as Kash shares the structures society places upon us like our assigned gender and how our journey breaks down these walls. Ultimately, we hold power to create our story and heal from the narratives imposed on us.


This doesn’t mean it is always easy or straightforward. When we live with these old stories, “It gives us a wrong way of seeing ourselves because we are seeing ourselves from the outside, not from within,” Mitra reminds as he offers the tools that have helped him shed old versions of himself. 


“The magic you can encounter through meditation gives all the understanding to who you are really,” Mitra shares, which led him to explore other modalities. 


Not only does meditation serve as a doorway to the inner world. Mitra shares how meditation freed him from the expectations of others. Rather than looking for love from the external, he returned to the infinite love internally. “All of these good feelings you can get from within,” Mitra reminds.


Resolving External Conflict Begins Within


“Inner war, outer war. Inner peace, outer peace. All that is within is reflected without. Once this understanding penetrates, it changes our essence. On the one hand, so much responsibility. On the other hand, so many choices. When peace dwells within me, so there will be peace around me. The test is in making an inner choice for peace, time and time again. Whenever the conflict arises within us, whenever war is at hand, in humility and grace, may we choose inner peace.” —Passage from Insights


As Kash finishes reading the passage above, Mitra follows with a story of his upbringing in the Middle East where conflict was a daily obstacle. “That inner conflict or inner tension that we are carrying will express itself or invite stuff from the outside that will show us life is a conflict,” Mitra shares. “But the moment we are managing to come back into wholeness… Then suddenly, life looks a little bit different.”


Numerous conflicts are occurring worldwide and it can feel intimidating setting off to solve them when we are still at war with ourselves. 


“If we want to support life, if we want to support humanity, what is the real work that we need to do?” Mitra asks as a springboard for exploration. “There is so much responsibility that comes with that because I need to create that inner peace inside of me. I need to bring peace to the inner conflict.”


We Must Unlearn to Remember


We think we know everything, but there is so much more to step into. One of Mitra’s main goals with sharing Insights is “to aggravate a positive longing to come back to the self.”


The work required asks to let go of the titles and identities that keep us chained. Again, this can be painful as our ego is set to hold onto what it knows. However, when we step into the abyss of what we are meant to shed, the purity softens our steps and lightens our heart. 


“The pain hurts yet it also purifies and heals. It softens the sharp edges of the personal wound. The process is necessary to change me, to soften me, meet the truth within the pain, not the lies of victimhood and to discover the treasures hidden within it.”


“Many times, our reaction is to push the pain away, but If we avoid it or put ourselves as the victim, then we will not bring that into healing or completion,” Mitra advises as an approach to healing from an integrated space. 


Watch the full episode below to learn more about Mitra’s journey, allow yourself to feel pain, and discover how we can look at nature as technology. 




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