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#7: Mike ‘Zappy’ Zapolin: Transcending + ketamine-assisted psychotherapy

Host Kash Khan interviews Mike Zapolin, a conscious filmmaker. Mike, known as Zappy, won the 2016 Amsterdam Film Festival’s Van Gogh Award for Best Director for his film “The Reality of Truth.” His recent film “Lamar Odom Reborn'' follows the psychedelic intervention he did on the NBA champion who has publicly struggled with addiction. Zappy co-authored “Ask the Kabala Oracle Cards” and is co-founder of The Ketamine Fund, which is dedicated to giving away free treatments to those having suicidal ideations and has a goal of bringing suicide down by 75 percent.

In this podcast, Zappy talks about his passion to bring forward his formula for conscious transformation, recovering from the trauma of the coronavirus through plant medicine and other catalysts to dive deep inside our minds for answers and healing.

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“Ketamine puts you right there [in the present consciousness] without even trying, it’s like you’re a yogi of 30 years. While people say the spirit part of it isn’t really there, it’s a complete god conscious experience, so you are one-to-one with God.”

“One anecdotal thing about ketamine is a lot of people describe feeling this sensation that they are a speck of dust and they are also the entire universe.”

“If you go your whole life and you never dive deep inside your mind, you may have actually missed the whole point of existing in the physical realm.”

“A lot of times when you have a plant medicine experience or a deep psychedelic experience, what happens is you come out with more empathy and I believe if we had enough people, a critical mass of people, with more empathy, we could solve any problem we have as a society really, really easily.”

Bullet Points (w/ time stamps) – Highlighting key topics discussed 

4:42: Zappy talks about his experience using ketamine and ibogaine therapy, and the importance of having a medical supervisor and guide during an iboga ceremony.

10:32: Kash asks about the intentions Zappy sets when going into a ceremony and what intentions Lamar Odom set before using ketamine and iboga, and how it helped him deal with his trauma.

18:48: Zappy says that after Lamar used ketamine therapy, he wanted to pay it forward and was able to help his family members heal from trauma using ketamine, and how they’ve been able to come together as a unit in a way they never have before.

21:35: Zappy explains how ketamine is created, how it has been used by medical professionals, and a study done by Yale University about dosing, effects, and how it helps humans build new neural pathways in the brain around trauma and depression. 

25:06: Kash asks Zappy if he believes ketamine has a consciousness like plant medicine, and Zappy says it does not, but ketamine has the ability to bring us into the present moment.

31:15: Zappy believes that ketamine can be used to unpack trauma and PTSD that has been caused by the pandemic, and be used to avoid anxiety and depression.

41:43: Zappy talks about the benefits of microdosing on psilocybin mushrooms and how it has the potential to replace antidepressants, and encourages people in psychedelic neutral zones to try psilocybin.

47:17: Zappy mentions the connection between psychedelics and religion, and Kash asks Zappy to elaborate on that relationship and if he believes if psychedelics are the source of all religions. 

53:21: Kash asks Zappy’s opinion on how psychedelics could prepare us for navigating the afterlife, and Zappy explains how that resonates with him on two different levels.

Bullet List of Resources — Mike “Zappy” Zapolin’s website  —  The Ketamine Fund  — Lamar Odom Reborn — The Reality of Truth

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