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5 Ways to Ignite More Synchronicity Into Your Life and Take It to the Next Level

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It’s always possible to ignite more synchronicity into your life. It’s one of the ways the universe speaks to us—often providing guidance along our path. The songs you sing are being repeated back to you. Are you listening? It’s the sweetest game ever invented and you’ll be surprised how good it can actually get. 

Be Open and Receptive

The present moment is often depicted as a gift. In this treasure we call life it can be easy to fall into patterns—some good, some not so good. These patterns and experiences shape us. Often times, they may cause us to feel pain or sadness. However, we are not defined by the moments we fall. It’s how we get up and do the work to continue to shine. There is always a gift in the present moment. Be open to it so you can receive all the love you deserve. With an open mind, anything is possible. 




Get Your Head Out of the Clouds and Pay Attention

Where is your head? Where do the thoughts typically go? Get out of the clouds that cause thoughts to race or distract. Listen. You’ll begin to notice that there is a subtle language around you. This is the language of the universe—a vibration that moves according to yours. The more you pay attention, the louder it becomes. First, you might notice repetitive numbers like 1111 or 1212. Perhaps after some gentle numerical nudges, you’ll start to run into the people you were just thinking about. It’s quite exciting, that’s for sure. However, if you want to invite and ignite more synchronicity into your life, you’ll begin to notice that it’s all in your control. 

Practicing ways to quiet the mind (like yoga or meditation) is a surefire way to take synchronistic experiences to the next level. Here’s a little secret. All of the synchronicities are already there. They’re also here. If you’re busy thinking about the past or the future, you might miss them.


Synchronicity Journal

Start a Synchronicity Journal

The written word holds immense power. When you start a synchronicity journal you are reinforcing it in your field. Similar to how a dream journal can increase vividity and induce lucid dreams, a synchronicity journal helps shift your perception of noticing them more. The more you notice, the more that synchronically appear. You are creating that space for more to flow your way. 

Not only does a synchronicity journal create more of these events, but it also provides a space for you to go back and reflect. Read through it and remind yourself of all the wonder YOU created and called into your life. This will also help solidify and strengthen your intuition. 

While it’s not necessary to write down every synchronicity, it’s helpful to record entries at least once a day. Once you record it, let it go. 


Surrender and Express Gratitude

Release any expectations and let go. Remember energy flows where intention goes. The more you hold on to a specific experience, the more it hinders what is to come. Surrendering is an act of liberation that expands your sense of freedom. When we’re not holding on to the past or betting on the future, we give ourselves the opportunity to express more creativity and stay focused. 

Expressing gratitude for events that have happened and those yet to come is a great way to let go and let in. After all, it’s already yours.


Follow Your Instincts

Trust your gut. Listen to your heart. Our soul knows what is true. 

The more you experience synchronicity, the more you’ll see how intuition plays a major role in this dance with the universe. That little voice inside your head telling you to go after the business you want to start has a point. Whatever it is, be sure to listen. It is there to align you with your truest self and highest potential. The more you are in tune with it, the easier synchronicity will follow. 


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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the founder of Educate Inspire Change (EIC). Since 2012 he has focused on on inspiring and educating others in order to improve their consciousness and connect to their true selves.


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