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5 Signs You Are Allowing Your Ego To Control Your Emotions

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What is your ego?

Your ego is your conscious mind, your identity and outward shining vitality. It contains all of your beliefs, personality and special talents.

The ego criticises and looks for answers, especially when trying to find reasons and justifications as to why you feel a certain way.

Normally when you hear things like:

“Why am I so weird?” “I know I’m annoying” “I’m right”

That’s your ego talking!!!

So how can you tell if your ego is in control?

It can be difficult to differentiate between your ego talking to you and your emotions, simply because your ego IS you. The difference is though… your ego is the learned version of yourself, who you want others to see you as and how you want to see yourself. Your emotions is your subconscious mind, and your complete and authentic self! When too much energy is focused and directed on your ego, it can cause negative thinking, self talk and issues that knock you off your spiritual path in life.

When you have an imbalance between your ego and emotions you will start to notice things like; becoming jealous, angry and over zealous.

By preventing your emotions from having a chance to flow freely you can experience a spiritual and energetic block!

5 Signs Your Ego Is Controlling Your Emotions:

You don’t accept accountability for your actions

People that are controlled by their ego or ego driven can never admit when they are in the wrong. They either deny all responsibility for their actions, or just try to project the blame on to others. This means they are harboured with guilt, however do this long enough and you may run the risk of becoming so detached from your emotions, that even the guilt becomes unrecognisable.

You constantly compare yourself to others

Ever heard the term “they have such a big ego” Obviously we are well aware that this is not seen as a positive thing. While your ego serves the purpose of being able to go out there and get what you want in life, it has to be in some sort of balance between that which you want and that which you need. People who have this desire to compare themselves to others is merely an insecurity in themselves.

You gossip

No one likes someone that is two-faced. However, most of us at some point have taken part in idle gossip. Most of the time when people do gossip, they aren’t actually trying to be two-faced, they are just trying to form connections with people through the only topics in which they share common ground. And unfortunately because we as humans, are negative by nature, most of the time that happens to involve something negative about others.

You look for instant gratification through validation

Especially for our generation, we are used to having what we want… NOW! Fast food, streaming movies online, one night stands; we have kind of lost touch with the need to wait for things and appreciate them after the hard work we put in to get them. It can be an adrenaline rush to have whatever you want and know you can have it when you want it. But that is your ego at work, and definitely not coming from a subconscious aspect of yourself.

You are consumed by emotion

People that have a healthy balance between their ego and their emotions are not prone to emotional outbursts or any emotional drama. They know how to deal with their own emotions and aren’t overwhelmed to the point where everything feels stressful. If that’s how you feel then you are probably giving too much of your energy to your ego and need a bit more of a balance in your more feminine side (male and female).

Take a minute to just sit alone and breathe. Listen to what emotions surface and don’t allow yourself to judge them or rationalise them. Just feel them!

Written by Abbey Stirling

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