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5 Plants That Naturally Purify Your Home Of Harmful Chemicals

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Plants naturally protect and heal us every day without us even being conscious of the benefits. Safeguarding us from the dangerous influence of toxins, chemicals in cleaning products, paints, harmful odors, smoke, and radiation emitted from TVs.

According to the experts, having at least one plant in every 75 square feet of your home will help cleanse the air.

Fern, Cactus, dragon tree and fig are among the best plants to have inside.

The humble Cactus

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Cacti absorb carbon dioxide at night, releasing oxygen. Having a cactus in your bedroom is helpful for sleeping as it supplements oxygen.

It’s one of the best plants when it comes to reducing radiation, bacteria and tackling pollution.

The Dragon Tree

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Ornamental plants in your home are easy to maintain, as they are temperature resistant.

While they thrive on light, they shouldn’t be exposed to any direct sun.

As far as air-purifiers go, it’s one of the best, lowering formaldehyde concentration, They evaporate the harmful ingredients found in air fresheners, deodorants, paints and cleaning products.

The Fern

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This natural air humidifier also removes formaldehyde and  is a fantastic air purifier.

Ferns likes the soil damp and light bright, although still being tolerant of partial light and drought.

The Fig Tree

Image result for house fig tree

This is one of the best at neutralizing cigarette smoke, it also reduces the concentration of chemicals such as carbon monoxide and dioxide.

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