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3 Symptoms You Are Spiritually Disconnected. Do You Know Someone Like This?

3 Signs That Tell When People Lost Their Spiritual Side
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Life is most often not smooth-sailing nor sugar-coated. Obstacles come and go. At times, they are harsher and stay longer.

Some embrace them as stepping stones for growth, while others receive them as stumbling blocks to their happiness.

Negativity makes their hearts and minds become closed blocking their intuition and preventing the universe to extend its guidance. As a result, these people become angry, sad, and difficult to deal with.

Some of these people may have walked along your path and may even contribute to some hardships in your life. While getting even with them is tempting, doing so would not do good for you as well.

Instead, you must deal with these people in a different way, in a way that’s most beneficial to you. This is the way of understanding, letting go, and love.

To better understand these people look at them like individuals who’ve lost their spiritual side.

3 Symptoms Someone Is Spiritually Disconnected

Our spiritual side gives meaning to our story. It is the element that connects us with everything and everyone. It is what reveals our purpose in life and translates the lessons we need to learn so we can grow.

However, some people are disconnected to this side. They float in this world without direction and purpose spreading negativity and feeding their egos.

Their egos are the only thing that gives them meaning in life, and without their identity, they have no reason to live because they have no sense of their spirit.

Here are the 3 signs that you notice when people are disconnected from their spiritual side:

1. They are close-minded.

When people are spiritually disconnected, they become close-minded, hostile, and intolerant of things. They do not accept the differences and distinct characteristics of others. For them, people have only one mold and fall short of their expectations.

They find it difficult to love, and when they do, they love only those people who can feed their egos or will make them feel good about themselves.

When you are unable to stand the offensive way these people deal with others, just move away from them. Lost spirits would never hear your opinions and arguments if you engage in one. Get rid of them!

2. They are defensive.

People who lost their spiritual side are very defensive. Their egos are so big they always defend themselves to prove that they are right, even if being right is harmful to them.

Because their inner wisdom is blocked, they will block your good words, thoughts, and intentions as well.

Even if you try to help them improve, they may feel it as threatening and would thereby avoid you.

3. They keep repeating the same mistakes.

Some hardships in life are designed for growth. People who lost their spiritual side fail to see things this way, thus they make the same mistakes all over again.

They can’t see the bigger picture and the spiritual meaning of things that happen, hence they can’t see the lesson that their own self is trying to make them learn.

ou can show them sparks of your light until the day comes that they voluntarily open up themselves to the universe. Once they do, saving other souls who lost their spiritual sides would be their main concern.

Source: Life Coach Code

Original Source: Rise Earth > Peace Quarters;

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