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29 Ways To Trick Your Brain To Create Oxytocin Naturally [The Love Chemical]

29 Ways To Trick Your Brain To Create Oxytocin Naturally The Love Chemical

Oxytocin has earned the moniker ‘the love hormone’.

Some call it ‘the life hormone’ as well, because one of the major functions of oxytocin is causing uterine contractions during childbirth, helping the baby being born. But in smaller quantities, it also relaxes the body, both in men and in women.

A particularly familiar example is how relaxed people feel when they are with their loved ones. That type of full body languor is very effective in eliminating stress and tension from the body.

But not all of us have someone to love! And even if you do, you won’t say no to more love chemicals, would you?

So how can we trick our body to produce more Oxytocin if we don’t have someone to love?

Here are 29 natural ways to trick your brain to produce ‘the love hormone’ that are waaay cheaper than dating an actual human!

29 Ways To Trick Your Brain To Create Oxytocin Naturally:

1. Connect with your friends

In the age of social media it’s a lot easier to discover old classmates and street friends that you fell out of touch with. That warm and happy rush is just what you need to wash stress away. This warm feeling will stimulate oxytocin production in your body.

2. Call a loved one right now

If you don’t want to look for a long lost friend, just pick up the phone and call someone who’s close to you now. Speaking and sharing with friends gives you a positive outlook and helps your body release more Oxytocin.

3. Earphones in, noise out

Plug your earphones in to listen to some calming and relaxing music. Whether you like the great classics, or just some plain nature sounds while you work. Put yourself in the zone and empty your mind of jarring notes. The beautiful music will stimulate your brain to produce oxytocin.

4. Eat Tryptophan

Certain foods have more Tryptophan that’s been shown to promote oxytocin production. Top Tryptophan foods are eggs, bananas, yogurt, whole grain rice and quinoa, sesame seeds, cashews, walnuts, salmon, spirulina, potatoes, beans and legumes. You will see a noticeable difference if you add these foods in your diet.

5. Take a long, deep breath

Something as simple as a few long and deep breaths can instantly refresh you. Just try it and see. The relaxation you feel from the rush is an amazing feeling and can stimulate your brain to produce oxytocin as a result of the instant relaxation.

6. Commune with yourself

Take the time to enjoy your own company. It’s a healthy process, to spend time with yourself. Whether it’s taking a short, quiet walk, or sitting at home and laughing hard as you can at something you’re reading or watching. Activities that center you go a long way in boosting the basal oxytocin production. You show yourself that there is always someone that loves you, yourself!

7. Try something new

It inculcates a sense of adventure and exploration, no matter how small the new thing you’re undertaking. There’s no better way to defeat stress than genuine enjoyment. And the sole act of getting out of your boring routine will fill you with love and excitement!

8. Hug someone

One of the reasons oxytocin is called the love hormone is because it gets released when people hug or hold each other in close contact for over 30 sec.

9. Eat Dark Chocolate

It is well known that chocolate promotes dopamine production in your brain and more dopamine can boost your oxytocin levels too.

10. Get a massage

Research done by a group of scientists found that getting a massage increases the oxytocin levels in your body and reduces adrenocorticotropin hormone in humans. We are creatures that crave physical touch and connection. Getting a massage will give you the physical touch you need, it will reduce the stress hormones of your body and boost the oxytocin levels that make you feel loved.

11. Increase your B Vitamins

Most of the B Vitamins take care of your brain’s health. They also support the promotion of dopamine and oxytocin levels.

12. Get some sun

Soaking in the sunlight will instantly make you happier. The sun rays stimulate the parts of your brain that promote feel good chemicals and oxytocin and the sense of warmth and brightness will additionally support that process.

13. Exercise

30 min exercise can significantly boost your dopamine levels and reduce the stress hormones in your body. The sole act of exercising is subconsciously letting your body know that it is loved and taken care of. This stimulates the production of oxytocin.

14. Increase your intake of Magnesium

Magnesium supports the production of oxytocin. Foods with high levels of Magnesium are: Spinach, Chard, Pumpkin seeds, Yogurt or Kefir, Almonds, Black Beans, Avocado, Figs, Dark Chocolate and Bananas.

15. Meditate

Practicing meditation can give you a sense of love unlike you’ve ever felt before. It will show you that love is not just the romantic aspect we were led to believe, that in fact, the romantic aspect is just one of many forms that love manifests through.

16. Dance to your favorite songs

Dancing is a great form of exercise, it reduces stress and boosts dopamine. Add your favorite songs to the equation and the feeling of freedom dancing gives, and you have a powerful stimulation for oxytocin.

17. Dip yourself in water

Dipping yourself in a body of water, a lake, a sea, the ocean, or even a bath, can have tremendous effects on stress reduction. The rejuvenated feeling you get after swimming is a result of the stress reduction effect of water and the dopamine boost it gives. All of this is a powerful stimulation for oxytocin production.

18. Hike in nature

The feeling you get when you walk through nature and natural scenery is a powerful one. It gives you a sense that you are a part of something much bigger. This feeling of belonging promotes production of oxytocin.

19. Watch a comedy

Having a laugh is the best way to spike the levels of your dopamine and promote the production of oxytocin. People who watch comedies are often more compassionate and connect easily with others.

20. Play

Do you remember when you were a little kid and that special time you had to play? It’s not important whether you played with your toys, or in the park, the mindset of playing is what you need to aim for. The mindset that you have 1 hour to be free, that you can’t do anything wrong, is one of the best ways to cure depression according to many confessions. Getting into that mindset will give you back that childlike spirit that in return will show you a more loving side of the world. Play a game, go out partying, do whatever gives you that sense of freedom!

21. Speak to strangers

Getting out of that mental prison that prevents you from speaking with strangers is one of the best feelings ever. You slowly start to realize that other people are just like you. We are all afraid, we are all searching for happiness and we all love. This understanding will give you a bigger connection with people. You will start seeing everyone with more loving eyes.

22. Go on a quest to make the best Instagram or Facebook photo

The modern society is preoccupied with their social persona. We literally get dopamine boosts whenever others like our images. Don’t be a slave to this mindset but you can use it. Set out on a daily adventure alone or with your best friend to create the best photo of yourself. Dress in what you look best, go to beautiful places, take your smartphone or camera and make a couple of shots. Choose the best photo and upload it to Facebook or Instagram. Getting likes from others and receiving compliments will give you a sense of being loved. Just don’t let it bloat your ego.

23. Do something that scares you

Facing your fears, intentionally doing something that you love but you are afraid of, will give you one of the biggest rushes of happiness and love towards the world. That’s how you show yourself that you are courageous enough to follow your heart!

24. Give a gift

Giving something to others stimulates feelings of kindness, compassion and love. Their reaction and smile on their face will additionally stimulate your brain to produce oxytocin.

25. Snuggle with your pet

What’s a better way to feel loved than snuggling with your pet?!

26. Have a meal with your partner in a romantic restaurant

Going out with someone you love, dressed up, in a romantic atmosphere while soft music is playing in the background is one of the best ways to boost your oxytocin levels while strengthening the relationship. The food is just a plus!

27. Play an instrument

Learning different ways to express your emotions like playing an instrument, or writing, strengthens the connection you have with your heart.

28. Do something that you really love doing but always postponed

You don’t have to be afraid to not do something you love, you might just postpone it because you think there are more important things you need to do now. What’s more important than what the essence of your existence is telling you to do?

29. Cry

Just surrender to your emotions and cry. There is a sense of purity in the act of crying, a sense of beauty and pureness that come straight from your soul. Embrace your emotions and let them go.

Source: Life Coach Code

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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

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