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29 Messages From Your Spirit That Will Make Your Day Beautiful

Nurture Your Self Worth With These 29 Messages From Spirit

The Spirit is constantly nurturing us by sending us messages that come either vaguely or clearly.

It wants us to grow into the most beautiful beings we could possibly be.

Read on these messages from the Spirit and select which one resonates with you the most.

Your spirit led you to these. Repeat them to yourself whenever you feel to!

29 Messages From Your Spirit:


1. You are beautiful. No matter what size or shape your body is, it is given to you to aid you in fulfilling your purpose.

2. You are strong within. You are given the strength to lead your life in the direction that was meant for you.

3. You deserve to be happy. You are amazing and purposeful. No one has the power to take your happiness away from you.

4. You can achieve anything you put your mind into. Go beyond your limitations and walk in the direction that feels good for you.

5. You have the ability to say no to things that don’t serve you well. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

6. Your life has its highs and lows. At times life favors you, at times it doesn’t. But it’s all part of the game.

7. Don’t be hard on yourself. Know that you have done your best with what you know. And so are others.

8. You are worthy of life’s beauty and abundance. Look inside, it’s there.

9. Focus on the wonderful things of life, instead of the flaws and imperfections. Put your energy on what is working, instead of what isn’t.

10. You are powerful. Once you realized this power within, you’ll never settle for anything less.

11. You are worthy beyond measure. Others treat you the way you show them how and by the things you tolerate or speak.

12. You are not a doormat. Never allow others to step on you.

13. No one can take away your power without your consent. Realize this and claim that power, every time.

14. You are what you think you are. Think of yourself highly, and others will think of you highly.

15. Accept yourself. It’s the foundation for others to accept you as you are.

16. Self-approval is within you. It’s not found by the fancy car you ride, your money, your success, or your accomplishments.

17. Love yourself. When you do, the Universe will respond kindly and gives you more of the same.

18. Authenticity is a product of your self-worth. Say yes when you mean yes, and say no when you mean no.

19. How you feel about yourself contributes greatly to your feelings of self-worth. It has nothing to do with the person you see in the mirror or the money you have in your bank account.

20. What you give to life, life gives you back in return. The more worthy you feel, the more life gives you experiences of self-worth.

21. You’re the only one thinking of yourself 100%. Other people are neither looking at you nor laughing at you. They’re busy thinking for themselves as well.

22. You make yourself worthy by loving yourself genuinely.

23. You don’t feel worthy every single day. Embrace it. As long as you love yourself, you’re able to manage some bad days.

24. You are worthy of the good things in life such as a job, relationship, happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

25. Learn to forgive. It’s not worth it to carry the burdens of the past. You’re worth more than that.

26. You come to this earth with a gift. It’s your purpose. You’re called to deliver it in a particular place and time. It’s your duty to follow where that calling leads you.

27. The Universe supports you in following your path to self-worth. Take a constant step and discover how you’re supported.

28. Always remind yourself of your worth. Convince yourself that you’re worthy of happiness and a fantastic life.

29. You are life’s greatest walking miracle. Tell yourself daily that you are a miracle. What others or the world think of you doesn’t matter, as long as you continue to believe that the Universe is walking beside you. You are meant to be here. You are a miracle.

Source: Forever Conscious

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