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23 Strange Human Emotions Everybody Feels But Can’t Explain

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What makes each person different is the ability to handle their emotions.

When it comes to expressing certain emotions, we often feel that its best to hide them. That’s a defensive response. Bringing them out into the open makes us look vulnerable.

There are other times when we would gladly express what we feel, but the thing is, we aren’t really sure what that is.

The nostalgia for a place that doesn’t exist, the vulnerability while you look into someone’s eyes, or the serene feeling during thunderstorms while you are safe and warm at home… we don’t have a word for these emotions.

It’s Important To Understand Your Feelings!

It is in such moments when we can’t fully describe how we feel that others misinterpret us because we are too confused to use the right word to explain our emotional state.

And not just others, but you misinterpret what you feel just because you can’t define that emotion with a name.

You are not the only one that feels strange emotions, we all feel them. Some emotions really do not have a name yet. But they exist!

However, just because your language doesn’t have the word to explain something, it doesn’t mean that other cultures haven’t come up with a name for these emotional states.

Here are 23 of these strange human emotions that actually have a name:

The 23 Strange Human Emotions That are Hard to


1. Sonder. A feeling of awareness that passersby are living their life exactly like your own with problems, ambitions, and passageways you never know. And like them, in their life, you are just a mere passerby.

2. Liberosis. A feeling of loosening up and caring less. Holding your life playfully under your care or at the care of others.

3. Monachopsis. This is a delicate feeling of being a misfit or out of place.

4. Enouement. You feel this when you have arrived in the future and have seen how things worked out. Yet you feel a part of yourself is left in the past.

5. Nodus Tollens. A feeling when you discover that the life you have painstakingly carved out is not making any sense at all. And you have to go back to the chapters that seem good, though you know that the adventure in life is yours for the taking.

6. Onism. The frustration you feel for getting stuck in one body that lives only in one place, and can do only one thing at a time.

7. Opia. The feeling of vulnerability and invasiveness upon looking at someone’s eyes.

8. Altschmerz. When you feel distressed for going through the same old issues, the same problems and not having outgrown them.

9. Anecdoche. The funny feeling of conversing with other people, yet all are eager to speak and nobody cares to listen, which results to an overlaying of disconnected words.

10. Ellipsism. You feel a tinge of sadness for not knowing how the present things turn out to be in the future. And all you can do is pass on what you have to without ever learning what it’s all about.

11. Kuebiko. A frazzled feeling that arises because of the senseless violence everywhere. You feel like a helpless scarecrow that just stands and watches.

12. Lachesism. When you have this strange desire of getting struck by a disaster because you feel your life is being so smooth sailing. You feel putting a kink on it would make it a bit sharp and flexible.

13. Exulansis. This is what you feel when you are on the verge of giving up while trying to tell your story to an audience who seem unable to relate to it.

14. Vellichor. This is what you feel when entering a used bookstore and you suddenly feel its wistfulness. You feel the passage of time by the old books that are there but you have not the time to read.

15. Andronitis. That frustrating feeling you get when it takes a longer time for you to know someone.

16. Rückkehrunruhe. You get this feeling when upon returning home from a pleasant trip, you realize you are forgetting what it was like. And you have to remind yourself that it did happen.

17. Rubatosis. The feeling you get when you are greatly aware of your own heartbeat.

18. Kenopsia. The eerie feeling of a place which once held a lot of people, but at the moment is peaceful and quiet.

19. Mauerbauertraurigkeit. You feel this when you have the urge to repel people away from you whether they be close friends or family.

20. Jouska. This is what you feel when you have the urge to converse with people inside your head.

21. Occhiolism.  A feeling when you suddenly realize of the smallness of your perspective compared to the vastness that the world holds.

22. Chrysalism. The serene feeling during thunderstorms while you are inside your home feeling safe and comfortable.

23. Vemödalen. The frustrating feeling you get upon taking photos of a view or something so amazing, knowing that thousands of the same photos already exist.

What of these strange emotions resonated with you the most?

Source: Rise Earth > Peace Quarters;

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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

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