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20 Harsh Truths To Help You Get Your Sh*t Together


Sometimes we get so caught up in life and forget that each moment is so precious. Here are 20 brutal truths to help you get your shit together.

1. You are not here forever

Make each moment count, start today to work on something you love. We only have 960 months to live (and that’s if we get to 80). We talk about “one day” but why wait?


2. The people around you don’t live forever

Kiss the one you love every chance you get. Tell all of the people who mean something to you now whilst you can.


3. What other people think is none of your business

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it doesn’t mean their perception is right, other peoples opinions don’t define you


4. Stop Searching

Realise happiness starts where you are right now. Looking away and waiting for it separates you from now and wastes time. Live in this moment now, make each moment count.


5. You can’t make everyone happy

That’s their responsibility, not yours.


6. Accept your flaws

Embrace who you are, imperfection is uniqueness.


7. Use your feeling to guide you

You attract what you feel, pay attention to how you feel and use it to guide you to what you want.


8. Your life is your responsibility

You know who will give you everything? Yourself. Don’t wait around for people, take responsibility and take power of your own life.


9. Worrying is a waste of time

Worrying is a waste of imagination, 99% of the stuff you worry about doesn’t happen and won’t matter even in 5 years. Remember your time is limited, use your imagination to picture the things you want instead.


10. Express your talents

Imagine lying in the bed in hospital, being on the death bed, and standing around you are the ideas, the dreams, the talents that have been given to you by the universe, the talents that you didn’t develop the skills that you never did anything with, standing around you looking at you with large angry eyes saying “We came to you! Only you could have given us life, now we have to die with you forever.” What idea do you have right now that you could be acting on?


11. Today is the most important day

The present moment is all we have.


12. Complaining gets you nowhere

Life is hard for everyone and everyone is dealing with their own battles, there is always someone worse off than you. If you don’t like something, change it.


13. Share what you know

Your knowledge could change someone’s life, no one can take away what is yours, sharing and helping other people will come back to you.


14. Invest in yourself

Knowledge is power, become obsessed with learning and improving yourself, it will change your life.


15. Never give up

So many people quit when they are so close, if everything was easy, everyone would do it, usually when you are right at that very point of winning, life will test you. Embrace the challenges.


16. Express yourself

People may not know how you feel. You only live once, relationships are important.


17. Always look at the bigger picture

Get curious, learn, ask questions. There is more to everything.


18. No one can hurt you without your mental consent

It’s your choice whether you let something hurt you or not.


19. The Universe loves action

When you get inspired by an idea or get an impulse to do it, act upon it. The universe likes speed, don’t doubt or second guess, all you have to do is act when it comes.


20. Time is everything

Learn to manage time, it’s the only thing you can’t get back.


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