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15 Clever Psychological Tricks That Everyone Should Know and Start Using Immediately

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Our minds are incredibly complicated, but these complicated processes can be triggered by very simple actions. If used in the right way, you can be the master of your mind and your interactions with others.

We’ve put together 15 mental life hacks that can help you embrace these patterns and use them in powerful ways.

By learning these hacks, you’ll feel more comfortable with yourself being able to get what you want in life and can use them to have better relationships with people around you.

A brief warning:

Please use these mental life hacks mindfully. They are really powerful and should only be used with good intentions.

1. Silence is golden

If you ask someone a question and they avoid properly answering, maintain eye contact and keep silent. Just wait. You’ll eventually get the answer you want as people will keep on explaining if they think their answer is not enough.

2. Stop feeling anxious or nervous

The best way to let go of your anxiety and nervousness is to chew gum. Chewing gum makes your brain think you’re eating, and that there’s no dangerous situation. This is how you get your brain to think you’re relaxed.

3. Who likes who?

When you’re in a group and everyone is laughing, take a look at who’s looking at who. When you laugh, you instinctively look at the people you feel (or want to feel) closest to.

4. They know you believe in what you’re saying

Stop saying phrases like “I believe…” and “I think…” It’s already implied by the fact that you’re saying it. These phrases indicate a lack of confidence in what you’re saying, so stop saying them.

5. Keep your calm at all cost

When someone is trying to argue with you, just keep calm. They may end up getting more angry, but you’re training them to lose their tantrums by not reacting to them.

6. The way you act is the way you feel

Our emotions come with physical effects, and these physical expressions are triggered by the emotions we’re feeling. The good thing is this can be turned around. So if you want to start feeling happy, start smiling a lot.

7. Brilliance is confidence


It’s difficult to tell the difference between brilliance and confidence. If you act as though you know what you’re doing, people will think you’re good at it. So act confident and watch as people rally around you.

8. Even your interviewer is human

If you’re in a situation where you’re being interviewed, remember that the interviewer is human. Imagine that you are old friends with the interviewer. The results will be infections.

9. Be the one you want to see in others

If someone is showing behaviors you don’t like, it’s an opportunity to start behaving the way you want them to. The chances are you’re frustrated by them because they’re triggering something about yourself. They may even start modeling your new behaviors.

10. Lesser your chances to be attacked

If you are in a meeting and you expect that you’re going to be attacked by someone, sit right next to them. People feel less comfortable to attack someone they’re next to.

11. Let them see how they look like

If you work in customer service, put a big mirror behind you. People will automatically act nicer if they can see how they’re acting.

12. First ask for more, then ask for less

People are more likely to agree to a smaller favor if they’ve been asked for something larger first. So start with something larger to then agree on what you really want.

13. Why feel stressed, when you can feel exhilarated

Stress and exhilaration have the same physical symptoms (heavy breathing, increased heart rate). You could decide to look at a stressful situation as an exhilarating one.

14. Associate yourself with fun and excitement

When on a first date, take your date somewhere fun and exciting. The person will associate the feeling they get from their environment with you.

15. Eye contact is everything

Next time you’re with someone, try noticing their eye color. Not just “brown”, “blue” but all of the different colors in their eyes. The increased eye contact will have the person liking you even more.

Originally published on The Power of Ideas.


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